Antique ships full size onion top bridge compass binnacle by Kelvin & Hughes


An impressive full size ship's bridge compass binnacle.

This mid to late 19th century "onion top" compass binnacle features a removable hand beaten brass hood with early castellated brazed seams.

Twin night time illumination lanterns with domed screw down chimney tops ( original burners missing )

Brass compass bowl mounted on gimbals, The compass card is marked KELVIN HUGHES, 577, MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN and the outer bezel marked TYPE No A76/1, KELVIN HUGHES, SERIAL No577 - complete with a brass KELVIN & HUGHES bearing plate

Mounted on an eight sided teak pedestal with twin Kelvins balls that are mounted on brass support brackets. Removable side doors to contain correcting bars, brass securing rings also mounted either side.

Height 54" / 137cm

Max width 31" / 74cm

Close up of compass binnacle hood showing early castleated brazed seams.

Close up of compass card.

Close up of onion top compass binnacle hood.

Close up of compass bowl and azimuth ring.