Antique Octant, brass frame ivory scale.


A mid 19th century navigators Octant.

Unsigned brass 'T' frame design, trade label inside box for D. Mc GREGOR & Co, LIVERPOOL.

The scale is engraved from -5 degrees to 125 degrees and reading to 100 degrees. The index arm has swinging scale magnifier, the vernier scale reads from 0 to 10 seconds of arc.

Complete with two sighting telescopes, telescope sun filter and mirror adjusting pin, contained within its original mahogany box. Height: 9.75 inches / 25 cm, Radius: 7.5 inches / 19cm.

Front side of antique octant.

Close up of antique octant ivory scale.

Exterior of the hardwood octant carrying case / storage box. 

Reverse side of the antique octant.