Antique Sextant by H. Hughes, ex Royal Navy.


Antique Sextant by H. Hughes & Son Ltd, London.

A presentation British Admiralty / Royal Navy pattern micrometer Sextant. This sextant has been stripped of its original Battleship grey paint and has been polished for presentation.

The brass arc scale is engraved -5 degrees to 130 degrees and engraved H. Hughes & Son Ltd, London with the Admiralty Broad arrow mark / Pussers mark. The idex arm is fitted with a rapid reader clamp and carries a brass plaque with the Admiralty pattern and serial number. A battery powered night illumination lamp is fitted to the index arm micrometer dial.

The Sextant is complete in its original wooden box / carry case and comes with two telescopes, spare eye piece, two press on telescope sun filters, mirror adjusting pin, brush and oil bottle.

H. Hughes & Son ltd were a manufacturer of top quality navigational Sextants, this model was originally supplied to the British Admiralty / Royal Navy at a cost of over £3700.00 each.

Front side of the Sextant, also showing the range of accessories. 

Close up of the Sextant arc scale. 

Sextant box / carry case 

Reverse side of the Sextant. 

Close up of makers engraving & Royal Navy markings. 

British Admiralty / Royal Navy pattern numbers. 

Close up of Sextant micrometer and clamp 

Sextant calibration / test certificate.